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We will get you moving

When I started coming to Prostaff in Yale for my back, I was in a lot of pain. Any sitting or standing for long periods really bothered me. They have helped so much since then. The staff was very friendly. I believe if it was not for their help I would not feel the way I do today, Thank you again Prostaff Physical Therapy Family.

- Lisa

"When I came to Prostaff, I could not stand or walk a long time. I had to make frequent stops in my car while driving just to stand and relieve the pain. Today I can walk and stand without pain, and I can drive over a hundred miles without having to get out of my car because of back pain. Physical therapy relieved my pain altogether."

- Donald

I'll remember to stop if it hurts. The therapists were warm people. Friendly, caring and humorous but always professional. This was true of all the staff. I even received a thank you note for a small gift that I left.

I had excellent service. The staff was very attentive and knowledgeable about my physical condition. I would recommend Prostaff Physical Therapy to my friends and family.

Mr. Jon Ely: This note is an indicator of my appreciation and thanks to your staff members Kara Ettema and Anita King. Kara was the prime provider of my therapy and did an excellent job. She was very thorough in her explanations and very patient with me while she helped me recover. I am very grateful to her. She is a credit to your operation. Both Kara and Anita were warm and friendly and always had a ready smile - you are fortunate to have them in your employ. Thank you.

We were very pleased with how our elderly aunt was taken care of. The facilities are very clean and care is taken between patients (hands sanitized, gloves worn, instruments clean, etc) everyone very courteous! Thank you for your care.

I felt I received lots of personal attention and that the staff worked very hard to provide me with the correct therapy.

Everything was great and everyone was very friendly. I felt very comfortable. I was nervous about going to physical therapy, and they made it a great experience! Thank you so much!