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You will learn 3 Main Causes of Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Pain & How to Heal Naturally

  • Do you have pain with overhead motions?
  • Do you have difficulty playing with your grandchildren?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping because of shoulder pain?
  • Are you unable to do the activities you love because of pain?

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All-natural Shoulder pain treatment


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Expert Advice

Timothy Vincent

Tim Vincent, MPT, OMPT, a licensed physical therapy specializes in treating Shoulder pain using a holistic approach to discover the root cause of pain and provide natural healing options.

What Our Patients Are Saying

When I started coming to Prostaff in Yale for my back, I was in a lot of pain. Any sitting or standing for long periods really bothered me. They have helped so much since then. The staff was very friendly. I believe if it was not for their help I would not feel the way I do today, Thank you again Prostaff Physical Therapy Family.

– Lisa

“When I came to Prostaff, I could not stand or walk a long time. I had to make frequent stops in my car while driving just to stand and relieve the pain. Today I can walk and stand without pain, and I can drive over a hundred miles without having to get out of my car because of back pain. Physical therapy relieved my pain altogether.”

– Donald

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